Soba ni Iru ne

Soba ni Iru ne (そばにいるね, I'm by Your Side) is Thelma Aoyama's second official single, released on January 23, 2008, featuring SoulJa. It is an answer song to her previous collaboration with SoulJa, "Koko ni Iru yo." B-side "My dear friend" was used as the ending theme to anime Shion no Ō, and the opening theme to television show Ryuuha-R.

"Soba ni Iru ne"
Soba ni iru ne cover.jpg
Single by Thelma Aoyama feat. SoulJa
from the album DIARY
ReleasedJanuary 23, 2008 (JP)
GenreJ-pop, R&B
Thelma Aoyama feat. SoulJa singles chronology
"Soba ni Iru ne"
"Nando Mo"

The single reached the number 1 position on Japan's Oricon charts in its second week and sold over 450,000 compact discs. In addition, it sold over 7 million downloads, including 2 million complete downloads, by July 2008.[1] In September 2008, the Guinness World Records certified the song as "the best selling download single in Japan" for the number of full-track downloads.[2][3] On May 28, 2009, however, it was announced that the record was replaced by Greeeen's song "Kiseki".[4] It was later admitted by the Guinness World Records.[5]

It was also the best-selling download single on the iTunes Store 2008 yearly charts in Japan.[6]

Taiwanese band Da Mouth sang their cover version of "Koko ni Iru yo" on their album Wang Yuan Kou Li Kou.[7]

"Soba ni Iru ne" was also covered by Sly and Robbie on their album Amazing.[8]

Track listingEdit

  1. "Soba ni Iru ne feat. SoulJa"
  2. "My dear friend"
  3. "This Day feat. Dohzi-T"


Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)

Release Chart Peak
First week
Chart run
January 23, 2008 Oricon Daily Singles Chart #1
January 23, 2008 Oricon Weekly Singles Chart #1 50,158 464,835 46 weeks
January 23, 2008 Oricon Monthly Singles Chart #2
January 23, 2008 Oricon Yearly Singles Chart #7 456,479

Total sales as of 11th Feb '09 - 464,835 


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