The Snov (Russian: Снов; Ukrainian: Снов) is a river in Bryansk Oblast in Russia and Chernihiv Oblast in Ukraine, right tributary of the Desna River (Dnieper basin).

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CountryRussia, Ukraine
Physical characteristics
 • coordinates
51°31′48″N 31°31′52″E / 51.53000°N 31.53111°E / 51.53000; 31.53111Coordinates: 51°31′48″N 31°31′52″E / 51.53000°N 31.53111°E / 51.53000; 31.53111
Length253 km (157 mi)
Basin size8,700 km2 (3,400 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionDesnaDnieperDnieper–Bug estuaryBlack Sea

The length of the river is 253 km. The area of its drainage basin is 8,700 km2.[1] The Snov freezes up in November - late January and stays icebound until March - early April. Part of the river forms the Russia–Ukraine border.[2]

According to Ruthenian chronicles, in 1068 at Snov River took place a battle between Duke of Chernihiv Sviatoslav Yaroslavich and Cumans led by their Duke Sharukan.[2]

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