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Sneferukhaf was an Egyptian prince who lived during 4th dynasty. He was a son of Prince Nefermaat II and unknown woman, and thus a grandson of Princess Nefertkau I.[1] He was named after his great-grandfather, Pharaoh Sneferu. He had two sons. He was buried in mastaba G 7070 at Giza.[2]

TitlePrince of Egypt
Childrentwo sons
Parent(s)Nefermaat II and unknown woman
RelativesNefertkau I (grandmother)


His full list of titles were[3]:

Title Translation Index Jones
iry-pˁt hereditary prince/nobleman, 'keeper of the patricians' 1157
mniw nḫn protector/guardian of Nekhen/Hierakonpolis 1597
mdw ḥp herdsman of Apis 1699
rȝ p nb mouth of every Pe-ite/Butite (see Buto) 1831
ḫtm(ty)-bity sealer of the King of Lower Egypt 2775
zȝ nswt king's son 2911
smr wˁty sole companion 3268

Translations and indexes from Dilwyn Jones[4].


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