Sly Mongoose is the third science fiction novel of Caribbean writer Tobias S. Buckell.[1] The novel is a standalone but is set in the same universe as Buckell's novels Crystal Rain and Ragamuffin. The novels are also linked by a recurring character. The book's title is taken from a Jamaican folk song of the same name.

Sly Mongoose
First edition
AuthorTobias S. Buckell
Cover artistTodd Lockwood
GenreScience fiction
PublisherTor Books
Publication date
August 19, 2008
Publication placeUnited States
Media typeHardcover
813/.6 22
LC ClassPS3602.U2635 S58 2008
Preceded byRagamuffin 
Followed byThe Apocalypse Ocean 

The book has received several reviews.[2]


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