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Sky & Telescope (S&T) is a monthly American magazine covering all aspects of amateur astronomy, including the following:

Sky & Telescope
Front cover of the October 2020 issue
Total circulation
CompanyAmerican Astronomical Society
CountryUnited States
Based inCambridge, Massachusetts
LanguageEnglish Edit this at Wikidata

The articles are intended for the informed lay reader and include detailed discussions of current discoveries, frequently by participating scientists. The magazine is illustrated in full color, with both amateur and professional photography of celestial sights, as well as tables and charts of upcoming celestial events.



Sky & Telescope was founded by Charles A. Federer and his wife Helen Spence Federer and began publication at Harvard College Observatory in November 1941,[1] as a result of the merger of the separate magazines, The Sky and The Telescope.[2] In 2005, Sky Publishing Corporation was acquired by New Track Media,[3] a portfolio company of the private equity firm Boston Ventures.[4] In 2014, New Track was sold to F+W Media.[5] Following the mid 2019 bankruptcy of F+W media, the magazine was sold to the American Astronomical Society.[6]

The magazine played an important role in the dissemination of knowledge about telescope making, through the column "Gleanings for ATMs" that ran from 1933 to 1990.

In December 1995, the magazine published the Caldwell Catalogue, which was authored by Patrick Moore.[7]

Its main competitor is Astronomy.

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