Popular Bloc (Lebanon)

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The Skaff Bloc or Popular Bloc, led by Elias Skaff, was a 5-members bloc (including 1 Armenian Revolutionary Federation member) in the Lebanese Parliament that aligns with the Free Patriotic Movement from 2005 to 2009. It was part of the current Lebanese opposition Change and Reform bloc, headed by Michel Aoun.In 2009 the party lost all his deputy after the victory of the 14 March alliance in the district. After the death of Elias Skaff in 10 October 2015, his wife Myriam Skaff took the command of the party. During the Lebanese municipal election of 2016 in Zahle an election alliance failed with the Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese Forces the Popular bloc decided to confront the Christian parties and Nicolas Fatouche list. The alliance broke definitely with the Change and Reform bloc.

Popular Bloc

الكتلة الشعبية
LeaderMyriam Skaff
FounderElias Skaff
HeadquartersZahle, Lebanon
IdeologyDevelopment of zahle
Christian democracy
Parliament of Lebanon
0 / 128
Cabinet of Lebanon
0 / 30