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Sinovac Biotech Ltd. (Chinese: 北京科兴生物制品有限公司, NasdaqSVA) is a Chinese biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the research, development, manufacture and commercialization of vaccines that protect against human infectious diseases. The company is based in Haidian District, Beijing.[2] The company is listed on the NASDAQ but the exchange halted Sinovac's trading in February 2019 due to a proxy fight.[3][4]

Sinovac Biotech
(American Depository Receipts)
Founded1999; 22 years ago (1999)
FounderYin Weidong[1]
Sinovac Biotech
Simplified Chinese北京科兴生物制品有限公司
Traditional Chinese北京科興生物製品有限公司


Sinovac's commercialized vaccines include Healive (hepatitis A), Bilive (combined hepatitis A and B), Anflu (influenza), Panflu (H5N1) and PANFLU.1 (H1N1). Sinovac is currently developing a Universal Pandemic Influenza vaccine and a Japanese encephalitis vaccine.[5][better source needed]

Sinovac is also developing vaccines for enterovirus 71 and human rabies. Its wholly owned subsidiary, Tangshan Yian, is conducting field trials for independently developed inactivated animal rabies vaccines.[citation needed]

COVID-19 vaccine developmentEdit

CoronaVac is an inactivated virus COVID-19 vaccine developed by Sinovac.[6] It has been in Phase III clinical trials in Brazil,[7] Chile,[8] Indonesia,[9] Malaysia,[10] Philippines,[11] and Turkey.[12]

It relies on traditional technology similar to BBIBP-CorV and BBV152, other inactivated-virus COVID-19 vaccines in Phase III trials.[13] CoronaVac does not need to be frozen, and both the vaccine and raw material for formulating the new doses could be transported and refrigerated at 2–8 °C (36–46 °F), temperatures at which flu vaccines are kept.[14]

Brazil announced results on January 13, 2021 showing 50.4% effective at preventing symptomatic infections, 78% effective in preventing mild cases needing treatment, and 100% effective in preventing severe cases.[15] Final Phase III results from Turkey announced on 3 March 2021 showed an efficacy of 83.5%.[16] Interim results in Indonesia were announced on 11 January 2021 with an efficacy of 65.3%.[17]

CoronaVac is being used in vaccination campaigns by certain countries in Asia,[18][19][20] South America,[21][22][23] North America,[24][25][26] and Europe.[27][28] In March, a Sinovac spokesman told Reuters production capacity for CoronaVac could reach 2 billion doses a year by June 2021.[29] As of March 21, 70 million doses of CoronaVac had been administered worldwide.[30]

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