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Singapore National Olympic Council

The Singapore National Olympic Council, or commonly SNOC, (Chinese: 新加坡国家奥运理事会) is a registered society, recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). SNOC was founded in 1947 as Singapore Olympic and Sports Council (SOSC), and subsequently renamed in 1970. It is also the body responsible for Singapore's representation at the Commonwealth Games.[1]

Singapore National Olympic Council
Singapore National Olympic Council logo
Singapore National Olympic Council logo
Country/Region  Singapore
Code SGP
Created 1947
Recognized 1948
President Tan Chuan-Jin
Secretary General Chris Chan

The SNOC has sent athletes to Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, SEA Games, Asian Youth Games, Youth Olympic Games and Olympic Games, with relative success proportionate to the size of the country.

The IOC code for Singapore has change from SIN to SGP in September 2016,and is first used in Danang 2016,Asian Beach Games.[2] The SNOC is currently helmed by Mr Tan Chuan-Jin.


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