Sinú River (Spanish: Río Sinú), is a river in northwestern Colombia that flows mostly through the Córdoba Department and into the Caribbean. The river is the third most important river after the Magdalena River and the Cauca River in the Caribbean Region. It is born in the Antioquia Department, flowing south to north for 415 kilometres (258 mi) until flowing into the Caribbean Sea. The river is navigable for only half of its length, 200 kilometres (120 mi) starting in Montería, the largest city in its basin. Also, this river is the main tourist attraction of Montería decorated with the first avenue when it passes by Montería.

Rivers in Colombia. Sinú is in the far northwest of the country
Sinú River flowing by the city of Montería


The river flows through the Sinú Valley dry forests ecoregion.[1] In general, the aquatic fauna shows connections with the MagdalenaCauca River basin, but also the Atrato River basin. There has been extensive habitat destruction in the region, causing problems to many species in the area. Two parrots that are endemic to the river valley, the Sinú brown-throated parakeet (Aratinga pertinax griseipecta) and the Sinú parakeet (Pyrrhura picta subandina), have not been recorded for decades and are feared extinct.[2]

Urra DamEdit

The Urra Dam built by the company Urrá is on the Sinú River.


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