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Silver Burdett

Silver Burdett is an American primary education textbook publishing imprint owned by Pearson Education, which is a division of media conglomerate Pearson PLC. It was first formed as a company in 1888 when Frank W. Burdett purchased a controlling interest in the textbook publishing company, Silver & Company.[1] In 1962, it was acquired by Time Inc., and it became the distributor of Time-Life Books to schools and libraries.[1] In 1965 it became the first division of the General Learning Corporation, a muli-million collaboration between Time Inc. and General Electric.[1] Simon & Schuster purchased it in 1986, and merged it with Ginn & Company, a leading el-hi (elementary school and high school) textbook publisher - which formed the imprint Silver Burdett & Ginn.[1] In 1998, Pearson PLC acquired Simon & Schuster's educational businesses (which included Silver Burdett & Ginn) from S&S parent Viacom, and created Pearson Education.[1]

Silver Burdett
Parent company Pearson Education
Founded 1888
Country of origin United States
Publication types Books
Nonfiction topics Music
Official website


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