Sierra de San Just

Sierra de San Just (Aragonese: Sierra de Sant Chust) is a mountain range in the Cuencas Mineras comarca of Aragon, Teruel Province, Spain. The highest point in the range is San Just (1,522 m). This range is located in one of the coldest and most rugged regions of Aragon.[1]

Sierra de San Just
Sierra de San Just69.JPG
Western end of Sierra de San Just near Montalbán
Highest point
PeakSan Just
Elevation1,522 m (4,993 ft)
ListingMountains of Aragon
Coordinates40°44′36″N 0°39′46″W / 40.74333°N 0.66278°W / 40.74333; -0.66278Coordinates: 40°44′36″N 0°39′46″W / 40.74333°N 0.66278°W / 40.74333; -0.66278
Sierra de San Just is located in Spain
Sierra de San Just
Sierra de San Just
Location in Spain
LocationCuencas Mineras, Aragon
Parent rangeIberian System, Eastern zone
OrogenyAlpine orogeny
Age of rockCretaceous
Easiest routeFrom the towns of Ejulve, Gargallo or Montalbán


Landslides are relatively frequent in the San Just mountains.[2]

Besides the mountain ranges, the Plains of Visiedo (Spanish: Llanos de Visiedo) near Visiedo, the Altos del Zancado, and the area surrounding Ejulve, are all part of the Sierra de San Just geographic zone.[3]

Road N-211 crosses the range at Gargallo and skirts the mountainsides of the chain.


There are lignite deposits in the Sierra de San Just range. The Utrillas mines were exploited since ancient Roman times.[4]

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