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Sierra de Alcubierre is a 40 km (25 mi) long mountain range in the Monegros comarca, Aragon, Spain. It is located between the provinces of Zaragoza and Huesca.[1]

Sierra de Alcubierre
Sierra de alcubierre.jpg
Sierra de Alcubierre seen from Leciñena
Highest point
PeakMonte Oscuro
Elevation822 m (2,697 ft)
ListingList of mountains in Aragon
Coordinates41°44′N 0°29′W / 41.733°N 0.483°W / 41.733; -0.483Coordinates: 41°44′N 0°29′W / 41.733°N 0.483°W / 41.733; -0.483
Sierra de Alcubierre is located in Spain
Sierra de Alcubierre
Sierra de Alcubierre
Location in Spain
LocationMonegros (Aragon)
Age of rockCambrian
Type of rockSedimentary rock
Easiest routeDrive from Farlete


This mountain chain crosses the arid eastern end of the Monegros comarca from northwest to southeast and divides the basins of the Gállego and Isuela rivers. It has numerous ravines and its landscape is characteristic of badlands.

The ridge's highest summits are Monte Oscuro (822 m) and San Caprasio (811 m); other summits are Corona de la Reina (629 m) and Vedao (548 m), located at the northern end of the range, as well as Sigena (592 m) and Huegas (447 m), located at the southern end.

This mountain range is named after the town of Alcubierre, located 3 km east of the range. The Sierra de Alcubierre is divided into subranges, foremost of which are Sierra de Lanaja, named after Lanaja town, and Sierra de Pallaruelo, named after Pallaruelo de Monegros village, both located roughly in the central part of the main range.

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