Sierra Vicuña Mackenna

The Cordillera Vicuña Mackenna is the highest section of the Chilean Coast Range located in northern Chile, west of Pampa del Tamarugal. Its peak reaches over 3000 meters.[1] It runs north-south for approximately 170 km parallel to the Andes. The driest parts of Atacama Desert are located east of the range due to the rain shadow produced by it.

Cordillera Vicuña Mackenna
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Cerro Armazones is a mountain located in the Sierra Vicuña Mackenna.
Highest point
PeakCerro Vicuña Mackenna
Elevation3,114 m (10,217 ft)
Coordinates24°27′S 70°03′W / 24.450°S 70.050°W / -24.450; -70.050
Length170 km (110 mi) north-south
Range coordinates24°30′S 69°00′W / 24.500°S 69.000°W / -24.500; -69.000Coordinates: 24°30′S 69°00′W / 24.500°S 69.000°W / -24.500; -69.000
Parent rangeChilean Coast Range

The range is named after historian Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna.

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