Siege of Mercq

On 6 May of 1405,[2] a French army under the command of Waleran III, Count of Ligny and Saint-Pol besieged the English castle at Mercq in Pas-de-Calais.[3]

Siege of Mercq
Part of the Hundred Years' War
Date6 May 1405
Location50°27′49″N 2°8′30″E / 50.46361°N 2.14167°E / 50.46361; 2.14167Coordinates: 50°27′49″N 2°8′30″E / 50.46361°N 2.14167°E / 50.46361; 2.14167
Result English Victory; French attack army routed
France moderne.svg Kingdom of France Royal Arms of England (1399-1603).svg Kingdom of England
Commanders and leaders
Richard Aston
Robert de Berengeville  


  • 400-500 men-at-arms
  • 50 Genoese crossbowmen
  • 300 Flemish soldiers
Casualties and losses
Heavy[1] Light


The French siege proved futile as English reinforcements under Lieutenant of Calais Sir Richard Aston arrived with the Calais garrison to counterattack and lift the siege.[2] Although surprised by the English attack the French troops manned the trenches, but the Genoese crossbowmen had no bolts and St. Pol's army suffered losses from English archers.[2] The first to flee were the Flemings, quickly followed by the French and Genoese.[2] Waleran III escaped with remnants of his army, but most were either killed or captured. The English captured all the French artillery, four standards, 60-80 prisoners including Jean de Hangest.[2]

French Nobles KilledEdit

  • Andrieux de Rambures, the captain of Boulogne and Gravelines, Governor of West Flanders
  • Jean de Rambures, Governor of Arras
  • Morel de Saveuse
  • Guy Divrigny
  • Courbet de Renty
  • Martel de Vaulhuom
  • Lord of Faiel
  • Lord of Cresecques

French Nobles taken PrisonerEdit


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