Siege of Cherbourg (1450)

The siege of Cherbourg took place in 1450 during the Hundred Years' War when French forces laid siege to Cherbourg in the English-controlled Duchy of Normandy following their decisive victory at the Battle of Formigny. With the fall of Cherbourg, English control of Normandy was removed.

Siege of Cherbourg
Part of the Hundred Years' War
Vigiles de Charles VII, fol. 205, Siège de Cherbourg (1450).jpg
Siege of Cherbourg, miniature from the Vigiles du roi Charles VII by Martial d'Auvergne, c. 1484
Date6 July – 12 August 1450
Result French victory. Cherbourg surrenders
Royal Arms of England (1470-1471).svg Kingdom of England Arms of France (France Moderne).svg Kingdom of France
Commanders and leaders
Thomas Gower  Surrendered Armoiries des compagnons de Jeanne d'Arc - Arthur de Richemontt.png Arthur de Richemont
Blason JeanBureau.svg Jean Bureau
Blason Famille de Coëtivi.svg Prigent de Coëtivy 


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