Sid Hood (1933–2006)[1] was an English former professional snooker player.[2][3] He was the runner-up at the 1970 World Amateur Snooker Championship.

Sid Hood
Died2006 (aged 72)
Sport country England

Career edit

Hood began playing cue sports at the age of 14. He worked as a docker and, in 1970, said that apart from participating in tournaments, he did not spend much time practicing snooker.[4] As an amateur player, he won the Grimsby Senior Snooker Championship title 11 times between 1957 and 1977,[5] and represented England 30 times.[6]

In 1967 he reached the final of the English Amateur Championship, finishing as runner-up after being defeated 4–11 by Marcus Owen.[7]: 122  He was a losing finalist again in 1970, to Jonathan Barron who won on the pink ball in the deciding frame.[8] For the 1970 World Amateur Snooker Championship, Hood was one of two English representatives.[9] and qualified for the final by winning five of his six round-robin group matches.[7]: 149  Fellow Englishman Barron defeated him 7–11 in the final.[10]

At the 1973 Norwich Union Open, Hood defeated professional Jackie Rea 4–0 and amateur Mannie Francisco 4–3 to reach the quarter-final,[11] where he lost 0–4 to professional Eddie Charlton.[12] In 1975, he won the English Amateur Championship with an 11–6 victory over Willie Thorne in the final;[7]: 122  he took the Grimsby, Lincolnshire, and North of England titles in the same year.[13] Two years later, he was runner-up in the 1977 English Amateur Championship to Terry Griffiths who defeated him 13–3.[14] In the final of the 1978 Pontins Autumn Open he lost 6–7 to Jimmy White.[15]

Unhappy with the way that the amateur game was being run, Hood applied to the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association in 1979,[16] but was rejected.[17] A second application was also unsuccessful, but he was eventually admitted as a professional player.[6]

In the qualifying competition for the 1980 World Snooker Championship, Hood defeated John Dunning 9–7.[2] He then played Ray Edmonds, a rival from their amateur playing days in Grimsby and was eliminated 6–9.[4][2] Hood participated in three tournaments during the 1980–81 snooker season but achieved only one match win, and in the following season he lost in his first match in both tournaments that he entered.[2] He also played in the 1980 UK Professional English billiards championship, losing 1,029–1,670 to Steve Davis.[7]: 118  In 1983, Hood resigned his membership of the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association.[18]

Career highlights edit

Outcome Year Championship Opponent in the final Score Ref.
Runner-up 1967 English Amateur Championship   Marcus Owen (WAL) 4–11 [7]: 122 
Runner-up 1970 English Amateur Championship   Jonathan Barron (ENG) 10–11 [7]: 122 
Runner-up 1970 World Amateur Championship   Jonathan Barron (ENG) 7–11 [10]
Winner 1975 English Amateur Championship   Willie Thorne (ENG) 11–6 [7]: 122 
Runner-up 1977 English Amateur Championship   Terry Griffiths (WAL) 3–13 [7]: 122 
Runner-up 1978 Pontins Autumn Open   Jimmy White (ENG) 6–7 [15]

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