Shyam Laha

Shyam Laha (26 November 1911 – 25 October 1973) was an Indian actor in Bengali and Hindi-language films. He was known for his comic acting.[1]

Early lifeEdit

Shyam Laha was born in 1911 in Kolkata, British India. His original name was Kashinath Shil. Laha passed matriculation from Bangabashi Collegiate School. He was interested in music, playing the Tabla.[2]


Actor Pahari Sanyal was impressed by Laha at a function of the Bengali club in Lucknow and introduced him to Bengali director cum actor Pramathesh Barua. Laha became popular after acting in Debaki Bose's film Chandidas.[2] He acted in the first animated Bengali film Pear Brothers in 1934. Music director Rai Chand Boral formed his independent MLB production company with Laha.[3] He also appeared in theatres as well as being a radio comic. Laha performed in a comedy duo with another comedian Nabadwip Haldar in various films as a Bengali version of Laurel and Hardy.[2]



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