Shweinbin Monastery

Shweinbin Monastery (Burmese: ရွှေအင်ပင်ကျောင်း) is a Buddhist monastery in Mandalay, Burma, built in the tradition of Burmese teak architecture.[1] The monastery was built in 1895 by a Sino-Burmese merchant married to a Burmese woman of royal extraction. The monastery's construction strictly adheres to traditional rules of Burmese monastic architecture and includes all of the designated pyatthat-crowned pavilions.[2][3][4]

Shweinbin Monastery
Shwe In Bin Monastery, Mandalay, in about 1900.jpg
Shweinbin Monastery around 1900.
AffiliationTheravada Buddhism
CountryMandalay, Mandalay Region, Burma
Shweinbin Monastery is located in Myanmar
Shweinbin Monastery
Shown within Myanmar
Geographic coordinates21°57′59″N 96°03′57″E / 21.966280°N 96.065954°E / 21.966280; 96.065954Coordinates: 21°57′59″N 96°03′57″E / 21.966280°N 96.065954°E / 21.966280; 96.065954
Completed1895; 128 years ago (1895)

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