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Aaron Smith, better known as Shwayze (born May 29, 1985), is an American rapper. His first single "Buzzin'" peaked at #46 on the Billboard Hot 100.[1] His second single "Corona and Lime," reached #23 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US[2] and #3 in the US iTunes Store. Shwayze's self-titled debut album, which Cisco Adler co-wrote, was released on August 19, 2008.[3]

Background information
Birth nameAaron Smith
Also known asShwayze
Born (1985-05-29) May 29, 1985 (age 34)[citation needed]
OriginMalibu, California, United States
GenresHip hop, alternative hip hop
Occupation(s)Rapper, songwriter
Years active2005–present
LabelsSuretone Records, Geffen Records
Associated actsCisco Adler, The Cataracs, Dev, Yung Skeeter

Debut albumEdit

After recording several tracks with Cisco Adler, the duo was signed to Geffen and a self-titled album was produced. Adler helped with songwriting, production and backup vocals. "Buzzin'" was released as the first single off that album, entitled Shwayze.[4] Buzzin' was released on August 19, 2008 and was the first single released off the album Shwayze. Corona and Lime soon followed. "Buzzin'" shot up the Billboard Hot 100, reaching #46 and Corona and Lime reached #23 on the Billboard Hot 100. Despite being all but ignored in the hip hop community, Buzzin' gained its popularity in the pop world. It inspired the show Buzzin' on MTV and was also featured in Pontiac commercials. The misadventures of Shwayze and Cisco Adler appeared to marketers as a successful advertising campaign.[5]

His debut self-entitled album Shwayze was released in August 2008 and its two singles did relatively well on the charts. The album debuted at #10 on the Billboard and sold 47,000 copies in its first week while receiving mixed reviews from critics.[6]

TV seriesEdit

Shwayze and Adler are the focus of a reality television series on MTV, Buzzin', which debuted on July 23, 2008. The show has now stopped with a replacement of Let it Beat TV on He has been also known to work with rapper Chris Young of Banana Beat Records.

Smith is featured in a sketch on Nick Swardson's Pretend Time.

Let It BeatEdit

The album Let It Beat was initially announced on February 4, 2009. Its first single, "Get U Home", was released on June 28, 2009. After the lack of success from the reality TV series Buzzin' that accompanied the first album, Shwayze was hopeful that he would gain greater music credibility. Rather than being famous for "Buzzin'" in 2008, both Shwayze and Cisco Adler wanted to become more of a career band.

Adler was quoted saying he wanted to make the sound "bigger" on Let It Beat than it had been on Shwayze,which had been on the 2008 Top 10 Debut. In an attempt to change the sound, the first single off the album, "Get U Home," has more of a rhythmic club feeling. "Crazy For You," a collaboration with the Ric Ocasek and Darryl Jenifer, sounds more like a rock track, while "Heart and Soul," with Roy Bittan, is a ballad. Snoop Dogg is also featured on "Livin' It Up" and the Knux is on "Dirty Little Girl".[7]

Additional musicEdit

Shwayze and Cisco Adler released a mixtape, Rich Girls, on November 24, 2008.[8][9]

In June 2010, Adler released a mixtape, Super California Lipstick Sexy Magic Dope Shit. Shwayze appeared on three tracks, "California Girl," "High, High, High" and "More Than A Fan." On September 7, 2010, as Aaron Smith, Shwayze released Love Stoned, a free mixtape. Shwayze promoted the mixtape throughout the summer.

Shwayze’s song “Get U Home” was featured in the horror films Sorority Row and Piranha 3D.

The W'sEdit

In January 2011, Cisco Adler and Shwayze announced a new free miniature album The W's. The title is a reference to the song "High Together" from Shwayze's first album in which he says "I live by the W's: Weed, and Women". More info on the mini album will be released during "Cisco's House" a weekly webcast from Cisco Adler on Justin.TV.

Name clarificationEdit

The name Shwayze had, up until August 30, 2011, been the name of the duo Aaron Smith and Cisco Adler. However, after some confusion and a change of attitude, the duo decided that Shwayze should refer to Smith, and the duo would be known as Shwayze & Cisco Adler.[10] This change in name was the precursor to the release of their third album Island in the Sun. The album was the first on their new label Bananabeat Records which was distributed by the Orchard.

Island in the SunEdit

Shwayze and Cisco planned to release their third studio album Island in the Sun mid-2011. The album's single, "You Could Be My Girl" hits a similar vibe as several songs from their debut album, Shwayze, unlike "Let It Beat" which had a more club, mainstream vibe. The album was released on September 13, 2011 it included features from Kendrick Lamar, Sophie Stern, Nikko Gray and Sky Blu of LMFAO.[11]

Leading up to the album, the duo established the internet show Cisco's House as well as a weekly "Island on Web Concept" which they used to release new tracks. "Butterfly" and "You Could Be My Girl" were debuted on this special.

Adler was quoted saying that he hopes Bananabeat Records will launch a "lifestyle-based movement" that will form partnerships with Oakley and New Era. He cited Jimmy Buffet's empire and business model as an inspiration.[12]

Shwayze SummerEdit

The album Shwayze Summer was released on July 14, 2013. Its first single for the album was "Love is Overrated" produced by Paul Couture. This is Shwayze's first full-length debut album as a solo artist without his previous singer Cisco Adler. Shwayze stated in an interview that they both needed a musical break from each other, but they are still on good terms. The album contains 12 tracks and features The Cataracs, Tayyib Ali, Devin K, Paul Couture, Ferrari Snowday, Marco and Austin Paul.

King of the SummerEdit

Shwayze released his latest EP, King of the Summer, on July 17, 2015. The title track off the album was written by Shwayze and produced by Paul Couture. The EP consists of 7 tracks and features Paul Couture, Atrel, Wildcard, and Jodi Valentin.

Personal lifeEdit

In June 2010, Shwayze's girlfriend, model Shelby Keeton, announced that she was three months pregnant.[13] She gave birth to a baby boy, whom the couple named Hendrix after the guitarist.[14] Shwayze and Keeton married on the beach in Kauai, Hawaii, on February 13, 2012.[15]The couple divorced in 2013


Studio albums


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