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Shropshire (UK Parliament constituency)

Shropshire (a.k.a. Salop) is a former United Kingdom Parliamentary constituency. It was a constituency of the House of Commons of the Parliament of England, then of the Parliament of Great Britain from 1707 to 1800, and of the Parliament of the United Kingdom from 1801 to 1832. It was represented by two Knights of the Shire. It was divided between the constituencies of North Shropshire and South Shropshire in 1832.

Shropshire / Salop
Former County constituency
for the House of Commons
Number of memberstwo
Replaced byNorth Shropshire and South Shropshire



Members of ParliamentEdit

  • Constituency created (1290)

MPs 1290–1653Edit

Parliament First member Second member
1298 Sir Peter de Eyton
1298 William de Hodnet
1301 Sir Peter de Eyton
1305 Sir Richard de Harley
1307 ? Ludlow
1309 Roger Corbet of Caus
1312–1318 Robert de Leighton
1320 Sir William de Sondford, Kt
1328 ? Ludlow
1337 ? Hopton
1361 ? Ludlow
1364 ? Hopton
1369–1383 Brian Cornwall (6 times)
1371–1382 Sir Robert Kendale (5 times)
1373 ? Ludlow
1377 ? Ludlow
1377 Sir William Chetwynd
1378 Edward Acton
1380 Sir Peter Carswell
1382 Sir Peter Carswell
1382 (Oct) Edward Acton|
1384 (Apr) Edward Acton
1384 (Nov) Edward Acton
1385 Thomas Lee of South Bache in Diddlebury Sir William Hugford
1386 Edward Acton Hamon Peshale[1]
1388 (Feb) Sir William Hugford Sir Richard Ludlow[1]
1388 (Sep) Edward Acton Sir Hugh Cheyne[1]
1390 (Jan) Thomas Lee of South Bache in Diddlebury Sir Richard Ludlow[1]
1390 (Nov) Thomas Whitton Sir Richard Ludlow[1]
1391 Sir Hugh Cheyne Sir Roger Corbet[1]
1393 John Darras Sir William Hugford[1]
1394 Sir Adam Peshale Sir William Hugford[1]
1395 John Longford Thomas Young[1]
1397 (Jan) William Lee I Fulk Sprenghose[1]
1397 (Sep) Richard Chelmswick Sir Fulk Pembridge[1]
1399 John Burley Thomas Young[1]
1401 John Burley Sir Hugh Cheyne[1]
1402 Sir John Cornwall Sir Adam Peshale[1]
1404 (Jan) John Burley George Hawkstone[1]
1404 (Oct) John Burley John Darras[1]
1406 David Holbache Thomas Whitton[1]
1407 Sir John Cornwall David Holbache[1]
1410 John Burley David Holbache[1]
1411 John Burley Sir Adam Peshale[1]
1413 (Feb)
1413 (May) Robert Corbet Richard Lacon[1]
1414 (Apr) David Holbache John Wele[1]
1414 (Nov) David Holbache Richard Lacon[1]
1415 Hugh Burgh George Hawkstone[1]
1416 (Mar) Hugh Burgh Edward Sprenghose[1]
1416 (Oct)
1417 William Burley Richard Fox[1]
1419 William Burley Robert Corbet[1]
1420 William Burley John Wynnesbury[1]
1421 (May) William Burley Hugh Burgh[1]
1421 (Dec) Sir Richard Lacon John Stapleton[1]
1422 William Burley Hugh Burgh
1423 Sir Richard Lacon
1425 William Burley Hugh Burgh
1427 William Burley
1429 William Burley Roger Corbet (died 1430)[2]
1431 William Burley Sir Richard Lacon
1432 William Burley John Wynnesbury
1433 William Burley Sir Richard Lacon
1437 William Burley
1439 William Burley
1442 William Burley
1445 William Burley
1449 (Nov) William Burley
1450 William Burley
1455 William Burley
1485 Sir Thomas Leighton
1491 Sir Gilbert Talbot Sir Richard Corbet[3]
1510–1523 No names known[4]
1529 Sir Thomas Cornwall John Blount[4]
1536 Richard Trentham ?[4]
1539 Richard Mytton John Corbet[4]
1545 Sir George Blount Richard Mytton[4]
1547 Sir George Blount Richard Newport[4]
1553 (Mar) Richard Mytton Thomas Vernon[4]
1553 (Oct) Richard Mytton Edward Leighton[4]
1554 (Apr) William Charlton Francis Kynaston[4]
1554 (Nov) Richard Mytton William Gatacre[4]
1555 Sir Andrew Corbet Sir Henry Stafford[4]
1558 Richard Corbet Thomas Fermor[4]
1559 (Jan) Sir Andrew Corbet Sir Arthur Mainwaring[5]
1562–1563 Richard Corbet, died
and replaced 1566 by
Robert Corbet
Sir Edward Leighton[5]
1571 Sir George Blount George Bromley[5]
1572 (Apr) George Bromley George Mainwaring[5]
1584 (Nov) Walter Leveson Francis Bromley[5]
1586 (Oct) Richard Corbet II Walter Leveson[5]
1588 (Nov) (Sir) Walter Leveson Richard Leveson[5]
1593 Francis Newport II Sir Robert Needham[5]
1597 (Sep) Sir Henry Bromley Thomas Leighton[5]
1601 (Sep) John Egerton Roger Owen[5]
1604 Sir Richard Leveson Sir Robert Needham
1606 Sir Roger Owen Sir Robert Needham
1614 Sir Roger Owen Sir Richard Newport
1621 Sir Robert Vernon Sir Francis Kynaston [6]
1624 Sir Richard Newport Sir Andrew Corbet
1625 Sir Richard Newport Sir Andrew Corbet
1626 Sir Rowland Cotton Sir Richard Leveson
1628 Sir Richard Newport Sir Andrew Corbet
1629–1640 No Parliaments convened
1640 (Apr) William Pierrepont Sir Vincent Corbet, 1st Baronet
1640 (Nov) Sir Richard Lee, 2nd Baronet, disabled Sep 1642 Sir Richard Newport. ennobled 1642
1645 Sir John Corbet, 1st Baronet, of Stoke upon Tern Humphrey Edwards
1648 Humphrey Edwards one member only
1653 William Bottrell Thomas Baker

MPs 1654–1660Edit

Parliament First member Second member Third member Fourth member
1654 Humphrey Mackworth snr. Thomas Mytton Robert Corbet Philip Young
1658 Thomas Mackworth Samuel More Andrew Lloyd Philip Young
1659 Thomas Mackworth Philip Young two members only

MPS 1660–1832Edit

Year First member First party Second member Second party
1660 Sir William Whitmore, 2nd Baronet Henry Vernon
1661 Sir Francis Lawley Sir Richard Ottley
1670 Hon. Richard Newport Whig
1679 Sir Vincent Corbet, 2nd Baronet
1681 William Leveson-Gower
1685 Edward Kynaston John Walcot
1689 Hon. Richard Newport Whig
1698 Sir Edward Leighton
1699 Robert Lloyd
Jan. 1701 Sir Humphrey Briggs
Dec. 1701 Richard Corbet
1702 Roger Owen
1705 Sir Robert Corbet Robert Lloyd
1708 Lord Newport
1710 John Kynaston Robert Lloyd
1713 Lord Newport
1715 Sir Robert Corbet
1722 John Kynaston Robert Lloyd
1727 John Walcot William Lacon Childe
1734 Sir John Astley Corbet Kynaston
1740 Richard Lyster
1766 Charles Baldwyn
1772 Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn
1774 Noel Hill
1780 Sir Richard Hill
1784 John Kynaston[7]
1806 John Cotes
1821 Rowland Hill[8]
1822 John Cressett-Pelham
  • Constituency abolished (1832)


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