Short Music for Short People

Short Music for Short People is a 1999 compilation album released on the Fat Wreck Chords record label. It features 101 bands playing songs averaging approximately 30 seconds in length.

Short Music for Short People
ShortMusicForShortPeople albumcover.jpg
Compilation album by
Various artists
ReleasedJune 1, 1999
GenrePunk rock, pop-punk, ska-punk, melodic hardcore
LabelFat Wreck Chords
Fat Wreck Chords chronology
Life in the Fat Lane
Short Music for Short People
Live Fat, Die Young
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[1]

With a few exceptions, most of the album's tracks were written and recorded specifically for this release at the request of Fat Wreck Chords founder and NOFX bassist/vocalist Fat Mike. The compilation peaked at #191 on the Billboard 200.

Track listingEdit

Please note that due to limitations of the CD format, tracks 99–101 are indexed as one track.

Track listing
1."Short Attention Span"Fizzy Bangers0:08
2."Anchor"Less Than Jake0:30
3."Ketchup Soup"Teen Idols0:30
4."A.C.A.B. (All Comic Heroes are Fascist Pigs)"Terrorgruppe0:24
5."Overcoming Learned Behavior"Good Riddance0:27
6."Quit Your Job" (from Born on the First of July)Chixdiggit0:24
7."Ready"The Living End0:34
8."Out of Hand" (Greg Graffin)Bad Religion0:39
9."Asian Pride"Hi-Standard0:29
10."Steamroller Blues"Aerobitch0:26
11."Doin' Laundry"Nerf Herder0:29
12."Freegan" (from Stay Asleep)Bigwig0:32
13."Not Again"Undeclinable Ambuscade0:31
14."Waste Away" (Clements, Crowen, Dunegan, Haberman, Frady)Fury 660:29
15."The Radio Still Sucks"The Ataris0:28
16."Armageddon Singalong"Unwritten Law0:36
17."Hearts Frozen Solid, Thawed Once More by the Spring of Rage, Despair, and Hopelessness"AFI0:32
18."Farts Are Jazz to Assholes"Dillinger Four0:33
19."Surf City"Spread0:28
20."Back to You"Swingin' Utters0:33
21."Outhouse of Doom"The Bar Feeders0:34
22."Alienation"Citizen Fish0:32
23."Family Reunion"Blink-1820:36
24."Mirror, Signal, Wheelspin"Goober Patrol0:28
25."Saturday Night"Killswitch0:32
26."Bedroom Windows"Enemy You0:24
27."Sara Fisher"No Use for a Name0:30
28."The Ballad of Wilhelm Fink"Green Day0:32
29."Delraiser Part III: Del on Earth"Consumed0:27
30."Told You Once"The Mr. T Experience0:11
31."Randal Gets Drunk"Lagwagon0:28
33."Howdy Doody in the Woodshed"The Dickies0:32
34."Long Enough to Forget You"Samiam0:29
35."Erik Sandin's Stand-In"Dogpiss0:33
36."We Want the Kids"59 Times the Pain0:20
37."Warren's Song Part 8"Bracket0:31
38."No Fgcnuik" (from Sex Mad)Nomeansno0:31
39."I Like Food" (Bill Stevenson; from the Fat EP)Descendents0:17
40."Triple Track"Dance Hall Crashers0:32
41."Don Camero Lost His Mind"Guttermouth0:29
42."X-99" (Limp)Limp0:38
43."Faust"Jughead's Revenge0:31
44."Deny Everything" (Keith Morris, Roger Rogerson; from Group Sex)Circle Jerks0:25
45."Hand Grenades"The Offspring0:36
46."Mike Booted Our First Song, So We Recorded This One Instead"Mad Caddies0:28
47."Union Yes"The Criminals0:34
48."Dirty Needles" (Ben Weasel; from Television City Dream)Screeching Weasel0:27
49."300 Miles"One Man Army0:29
50."Klawsterfobia"Strung Out0:30
51."You Don't Know Shit" (Youth Brigade)Youth Brigade0:34
52."Doin' Fine"Groovie Ghoulies0:27
53."John for the Working Man"Tilt0:30
54."A Prayer for the Complete and Utter Eradication of All Generic Pop-Punk"Spazz0:26
55."It's a Real Time Thing"The Damned0:31
56."All My Friends Are in Popular Bands"88 Fingers Louie0:31
57."I Hate Punk Rock"D.O.A.0:31
59."To All the Kids"The Vandals0:28
60."30 Seconds Till the End of the World"Pennywise0:32
61."Get a Grip"No Fun at All0:27
62."Blatty (Human Egg)"Sick of It All0:32
63."I Got None"ALL0:29
64."See Her Pee"NOFX0:32
65."F.O.F.O.D." (Kevin Seconds)7 Seconds0:31
67."Chandeliers and Souvenirs"Diesel Boy0:29
68."Your Kung Fu Is Old...and Now You Must Die!!!"Adrenalin O.D.0:31
69."My Pants Keep Falling Down"Frenzal Rhomb0:31
70."I Hate Your Fucking Guts"The Queers0:30
71."Comin' to Your Town"D.I.0:26
72."Spray Paint" (Chuck Dukowski, Greg Ginn; from Damaged)Black Flag0:32
73."Rage Against the Machine Are Capitalist Phonies"White Flag0:28
74."Bring It to an End"Anti-Flag0:28
75."Not a Happy Man" (Davis White)Avail0:35
76."Old Mrs. Cuddy"The Real McKenzies0:31
77."Traitor"Agnostic Front0:31
78."Life Rules 101" (Dave Smalley)Down by Law0:31
79."Wake Up"Radio Days0:32
80."Too Bad You Don't Get It"Useless ID0:34
81."Humanity"Poison Idea0:35
82."In Your Head"Men O' Steel0:25
83."Supermarket Forces"Subhumans0:32
84."Tribute to the Mammal"Buckwild0:22
85."Pretty Houses"Lunachicks0:28
86."The Band That Wouldn't Die"Dwarves0:38
87."Like a Fish in Water"The Bouncing Souls0:34
88."Turn It Up"The Almighty Trigger Happy0:30
89."Madam's Apple" (Dan Root, Daniel Gadbury)One Hit Wonder0:32
90."Staggering" (Mel Chappell)Hotbox0:28
92."Big Fat Skinhead"Snuff0:30
93."Pimmel" (Kim Shattuck)The Muffs0:34
94."Mr. Brett, Please Put Down Your Gun"H2O0:30
95."Wake Up"Bodyjar0:33
97."Another Stale Cartoon"Satanic Surfers0:31
98."I Don't Mind"Ten Foot Pole0:31
99."Welcome to Dumpsville, Population: You"
"NY Ranger"
"The Count"
Caustic Soda
Total length:49:27

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