59 Times the Pain

59 Times the Pain was a Swedish hardcore punk band. They were active from 1992 until 2001.

59 Times the Pain
OriginFagersta, Sweden
GenresHardcore punk
Punk rock
Years active1992–2001, 2008
LabelsBurning Heart Records, Epitaph
MembersMagnus Larnhed
Niklas Lundgren
Toni Virtanen
Michael Conradsson
Past membersKai Kalliomäki

The band was formed in Fagersta, Sweden in 1992 by Magnus Larnhed (Vocals / guitar), Michael Conradsson (bass), Toni Virtanen (drums) and Kai Kalliomäki (guitar). Their bandname is taken from a Hüsker Dü song. Kalliomäki soon left the band to be replaced by Niklas Lundgren, who left hardcore band "Dislars" later to become the more known Burst. Their first demo "Feeling Down" got some attention from Burning Heart Records, and in 1993, the band signed to the label. The following year the band recorded their debut album Blind Anger & Hate.

In March 1995, 59 Times the Pain started recording their second full-length album, More Out of Today at Unisound. The underground success of More Out of Today and the debut single "Blind Anger & Hate" allowed 59 Times the Pain to establish themselves as a successful band. They did this through extensive touring, with their shows gaining excellent reviews.[citation needed]

Their fourth album, End of the Millennium, was released in March 1999 with their fifth (and final) album, Calling The Public, released in 2001. The band also had songs included on several compilations, including 1999's Short Music for Short People and Punk-O-Rama Vol. 4. The band split in 2001. On January 30, 2008 they announced that they were reforming to play Groezrock festival.


Full-length albumsEdit

  • Blind Anger & Hate - 1994
  • More Out of Today - 1995
  • Twenty Percent of My Hand - 1997
  • End of the Millennium - 1999
  • Calling the Public - 2001


  • Even More Out Of Today - 1995
  • Music For Hardcorepunx - 1998
  • Turn At 25th - 1999
  • 59 Times the Pain / Subterranean Kids (1999, split, Tralla Records)

Music VideosEdit

  • More Out of Today (1995)
  • Can't Change Me (1997)
  • Turn at 25th (1999)


Band membersEdit

  • Magnus Larnhed - Vocals / Guitar
  • Niklas Lundgren - Guitar
  • Toni Virtanen - Drums
  • Michael Conradsson - Bass

Past membersEdit

  • Kai Kalliomäki (guitar)

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