Short Beach (Oregon)

Short Beach is a 1,000-meter stretch of beach on the northern Oregon Coast in the United States.[1] It is not named for its length.[citation needed] Locals guess that both the beach and the creek that runs onto it—Short Creek, several miles in length—were named after an early resident of the area.[citation needed] Just south of Cape Meares State Park, and a bit north of Oceanside, the beach is hidden from the land except for a brief stretch of road which crosses the dam across Short Creek.

Short Beach
Short Beach, Tillamook County, Oregon
Map showing the location of Short Beach
Map showing the location of Short Beach
Coordinates45°28′30″N 123°58′02″W / 45.475°N 123.96722°W / 45.475; -123.96722Coordinates: 45°28′30″N 123°58′02″W / 45.475°N 123.96722°W / 45.475; -123.96722
Part ofOregon Coast

The seasonal shingle beach is noted for the availability of agates, (the beach is sometimes erroneously called "Agate Beach") and jasper, sometimes called "coastal jade" or "beach jade". Agates and jasper become more available after heavy winter or spring storms, which often cause landslides or rockfalls, bringing fresh parent rock to the beach, where the upper slope is a rock berm. These rock collapses eventually become the smooth, rounded rock familiar on beaches by the pounding surf that brought them down.

Other attractions are the mussels, which can be gathered from offshore rocks at low tides, surf fishing, and beach fires. An occasional surfer may be seen, as well as paragliders who, now that there is safe access, sometimes land on the beach.

Offshore, and partly onshore, are a number of rocks belonging to the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. In recent years, both these and the higher land around Short Beach have suffered significant erosion — collapse of rock faces and shoreward erosion along the bluff of over five feet in the last decade.

The sand level has been dropping steadily ever since the first dams went up on the Columbia River and other area rivers, and continues to drop, leading to a local joke that "Short Beach" means it is getting very short on beach.[citation needed]

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