Afridun I

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Afridun the Martyr was the eighteenth Shah of Shirvan.[1] He was appointed governor of Derbent several times during his father's reign.

Afridun I
Shah of Shirvan
Reign1106 - 1120
PredecessorFariburz I
SuccessorManuchehr III
Died1120 (aged 73–74)
IssueManuchehr III
HouseHouse of Shirvanshah
FatherFariburz I

Early lifeEdit

After having suffered from several raids from the Shaddadid ruler Abu'l-Asvar Shavur I, Afridun was sent by his father Fariburz I to ask for help from the ruler of Sarir, whom Afridun was related to through his mother. However, the ruler of Sarir declined his request, and after three months, Afridun returned to Shirvan.[2] On 30 January 1066, Fariburz appointed Afridun as the governor of Derbent, who was warmly received by its people.[3] On July 1068, Afridun left Derbent and returned to Shirvan.


Afridun reigned during an unfortunate time in Shirvanshah history. It is said that he was killed in a battle against "infidels" near Derbent in 1120,[4] possibly while attempting to prevent an invasion from Georgia, thus gaining the nickname "the Martyr". To this day, there is not a single coin that discovered bearing his name. He married his son Manuchehr to David IV's daughter - Tamar.


His name is inscribed on Pir Huseyn Khanqah located near river Pirsaat: "This building was ordered to be built by Abu'l Muzaffar Fariburz ibn Gershab, ibn Farrukhzad, ibn Manuchehr's ancestor Jam Afridun" [5] He is remembered by Khaqani in his ode to Ismataddin: "I saw jewels of Dara in the mines of Afridun the Martyr".[6]


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Afridun I
Born:  ? Died: 1120
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Fariburz I
Succeeded by
Manuchehr III