Shirokane-takanawa Station

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Shirokane-takanawa Station (白金高輪駅, Shirokane-takanawa-eki) is a subway station in Takanawa 1-chōme, Minato, Tokyo, Japan, jointly operated by the two Tokyo subway operators, Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway.

N03 I03
Shirokane-takanawa Station

Shirokane Takanawa station.jpg
Ticket gates, 2008
Location1 Chome-3-20 Takanawa, Minato, Tokyo
Operated byTokyo Metro logo.svg Tokyo Metro (manager)
PrefSymbol-Tokyo.svg Toei Subway
Line(s)N Tokyo Metro Namboku Line
I Toei Mita Line
Other information
Station code
  • N-03
  • I-03
Preceding station   Tokyo Metro   Following station
toward Meguro
Namboku Line
Toei Subway
toward Meguro
Mita Line


Namboku Line and Mita Line shares their lines between this station and Meguro station, the two lines' terminal. The trains from Shirokane-takanawa station either run onto the Namboku Line toward Azabu-juban, or run onto Mita Line toward Mita, or be terminated at this station.

Station layoutEdit

Tokyo Metro and ToeiEdit

The station consists of two island platforms serving four tracks. Mita Line uses the outer two tracks and Namboku Line uses the inner two tracks. Trains going northward uses platforms 1 and 2, ones going southward uses platforms 3 and 4, so that passengers can change their trains smoothly. The ticket gates are on the first basement floor and the platforms are on the third basement floor. The ticket gates are also shared with both Tokyo Metro and Toei. Passengers don't need to go through ticket gates to change their trains.

1 I Toei Mita Line for Ōtemachi, Sugamo, and Nishi-Takashimadaira
2 N Tokyo Metro Namboku Line for Nagatachō, Komagome, Akabane-Iwabuchi
SR Saitama Rapid Railway Line for Urawa-Misono
3 N Tokyo Metro Namboku Line for Meguro
MG for Musashi-Kosugi and Hiyoshi
4 I Toei Mita Line for Meguro
MG for Musashi-Kosugi and Hiyoshi


The station opened on September 26, 2000.

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Coordinates: 35°38′35.46″N 139°44′2.86″E / 35.6431833°N 139.7341278°E / 35.6431833; 139.7341278