Shirō Toyoda

Shirō Toyoda (豊田 四郎, Toyoda Shirō, born 3 January 1906, Kyoto, Japan – 13 November 1977, Tokyo, Japan)[1] was a Japanese film director.

Shirō Toyoda
Shirō Toyoda in 1938
Born(1906-01-03)3 January 1906
Kyoto, Japan
Died13 November 1977(1977-11-13) (aged 71)
Tokyo, Japan
Occupationfilm director


Born in Kyoto, Toyoda moved to Tokyo in his teens and began studying under the pioneering film director Eizō Tanaka.[2] He joined Shōchiku's Kamata studio in 1924 and worked as an assistant director under Yasujirō Shimazu.[2][3] He debuted as a director in 1929 and moved to the independent Tokyo Hassei studio in 1935, where he scored a hit with Young People and gained a reputation for directing literary adaptations with a humanistic touch.[2] After a slump during World War II, he became one of the top directors at Toho (into which Tokyo Hassei had merged during the war), famed for his adaptations of literary works by such giants as Yasunari Kawabata, Kafū Nagai, Naoya Shiga, Jun'ichirō Tanizaki, Masuji Ibuse, and Ango Sakaguchi.[2][3] He was particularly known for portraying weak men and strong women with a humorous touch, such as in films like Meoto zenzai (1955).[2] His career continued until the 1970s.


Film directorEdit

He was the main director for over 65 films:[4]


He was screenwriter for over a dozen films:[4]

Assistant directorEdit

He was assistant director for several films:[4]

  • 夕の鐘 (1925)
  • 弱き人々 (1928)
  • 深夜のお客 (1928)
  • 彩られる唇 (1929)
  • 都会を泳ぐ女 (1929)
  • 東京−大阪特ダネ往来 (1936)


He played as an actor in at least one film:[4]


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