Shilpi Singh is an Indian women's rights activist .[1][2][3] She is known for contribution for rights and rehabilitation of Indian women in rural areas,[4] to prevent human trafficking,[5] child marriage in Bihar, India.[6][7][8][9]

Shilpi Singh
Born20 August 1984
OccupationHuman Rights Activist
Organization(s)Bhoomika Vihar, Katihar District, Bihar (India)
Known forSocial Activism

She is the director of Bhoomika Vihar,[10][11] a not-for-profit organisation.It was established in 1996 with the objective of empowering the marginalised, particularly women and girls at risk of forced or early marriage, with education and skill development, which would expand their socioeconomic opportunities.[12][13][14]

Social Work edit

She rescued around 275 women from trafficking in the Seemanchal region Bihar.[6][15] and provided support to domestic violence survivors,[16][17] she acknowledged domestic violence to have a straightforward connection with environment,climate change.[6][7][18][19] Singh participated in advocating for the opening of crisis centers where rescued women could get all assistance in one place that is free from discrimination and has government protection.[20] Through her organization, Bhoomika Vihar, Shilpi signed an MoU with the Canadian Embassy and NSS Bihar to create gender youth speakers to campaign for gender awareness and sensitivity.[21]

Durga Jattha edit

To encourage and have participation from local community girls and women, Shilpi initiated forming groups of vulnerable adolescent girls, which is called Durga Jattha. There are 20 girls in a group from the same Panchayat. The girls in the group conduct meetings on regular basis for discussion on vices in the community and they inform to the local government authorities for corrective actions. At present, 50 such groups are active in Araria and Katihar districts of Bihar.[22][23]

Under this structure of Community Driven and Girl Led Leadership, the group publishes their own handmade newspapers using herbal colours and food grains. The newspaper is shared with Panchayati Raj authorities/ Police and media personnel on regular interval. The group acts against early marriages of girls in rural areas, they also identify and motivate school dropout girls to take part in regular education system.[24][25][26][27]

Awards edit

She was selected as the women leader for 2022-2023 by American organization Vital Voices and Reliance Foundation.[28][29] Shilpi was selected as the Secret Superstar by Aamir Khan in his campaign for people who were engaged in social causes but remain unknown to the world.[30][31][1] She was selected by Embassy of the United States for International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), in 2015.[32][33]

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