Shikumen Open House Museum

The Shikumen Open House Museum (Chinese: 屋里厢-石库门博物馆; pinyin: Wūlixiāng-Shíkùmén Bówùguǎn; Shanghainese: Olishian-Sakumen Bovahgue) is a museum in the Xintiandi area of Shanghai, China (administratively in the Huangpu District) that presents a house in the traditional shikumen style.[1]

Writer's desk in the tingzijian room within the Shikumen Open House Museum.

This is a small museum on the south side of the North Block of Xintiandi on Xingye Road that presents Shanghai life as it was around the 1920s and 30s in a shikumen-style "stone-gate" house.[2] There are about five rooms furnished with period furniture.[3] The museum includes a tingzijian, a small triangular room, sometimes rented out at a low price to impoverished writers and others.


The nearest Shanghai Metro stations are South Huangpi Road Station on Line 1 to the north and Xintiandi on Line 10 to the south.

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