Shih Chien University

Shih Chien University (USC; Chinese: 實踐大學; pinyin: Shíjiàn Dàxué) is a private university in Taiwan. It has two campuses: one in Dazhi, Zhongshan District, Taipei and the other in Neimen District, Kaohsiung. Its professional performance and courses in design has been regarded in the '60 top D-schools in the world' by BusinessWeek in 2006.[3] Its Master in Industrial Design program was selected into "the best 30 design programs" in the world by BusinessWeek in 2009.[4]

Shih Chien University
Shih Chien University Main Campus 20151129.jpg
(Pinyin: Lìxíng Shíjìan, Xīouqí Zhìpíng)
Motto in English
Knowledge is the beginning of practice. Doing is the completion of knowing.[2]
TypePrivate University
Established1958, as Shih Chien College of Home Economics.
1997 upgraded as Shih Chien University
ChairmanMilton Mung-Shiung Shieh
PresidentMichael J. K. Chen
Academic staff
387 (2008, full-time)
837 (2008, part-time)
Administrative staff
301 (2008)
Students9,538 (May 2009)
AffiliationsU12 Consortium
Shih Chien University
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese


It was established in 1958 by Hsieh Tung-min. Formerly known as Shih Chien School of Home Economics. In 1979 the school was renamed Shih Chien School of Home Economics and Economics, in 1991 the school was upgraded to become Shih Chien College of Design and Management. In 1997 the school was again upgraded to become Shih Chien University.


Taipei Campus; Kaohsiung Campus

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Taipei Campus; Kaohsiung Campus

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Taipei Campus; Kaohsiung Campus

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The university Taipei campus is accessible within walking distance North from Dazhi Station of the Taipei Metro.

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