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Sheico Group (Chinese: 薛長興集團; pinyin: Xuē Zhǎngxìng Jítuán) is an OEM supplier of many types of watersports apparel. The company's head office is located in Taiwan and its manufacturing facilities are in Taiwan, Mainland China, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.

Native name
HeadquartersWujie, Yilan County, Taiwan



It manufactures goods include neoprene wet suits, dry suits, life vests, personal flotation devices, boots, gloves, orthopedic supports and hipwaders. Recently, the company's product lines has expanded to functional fabrics, spandex yarns, as well as sportswear OEM/ODM service.


The company was founded in 1968, as a maker of rain gears and rubber boots.[1] By 2014, the company's production accounted for over 60% of global market share.[2]

In the early stage of the company development, the neoprene sheets needed to produce such a line were dearly priced and tightly controlled by a handful of Japanese suppliers. Therefore, the founder, Mr, Pi-goon Sheiue, and his son, Min Shiue, were intent on bringing the neoprene in-house.[2] By 1983, the experimentation was a success and the first neoprene production line of the company was established.[3]

In 1996, the company's vertical integration was expanded to create "Shei Heng Hsin Sheiflex Ind. co., Ltd." and began producing spandex yarn. Two spandex manufacturing facilities were established in Taiwan and mainland China. A spandex brand, Sheiflex, is created in order to promote their spandex yarn.[3][4]

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