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Sheffield Student Housing Co-operative

Sheffield Student Housing Co-operative is a student housing cooperative in the United Kingdom, providing not-for-profit, self managed housing for the co-operative's members. The co-operative started organising in 2012.[1] The project suffered delays due to planning and legal issues, and the first property was secured in 2015.[2]

Sheffield Student Housing Co-operative Limited
Sheffield Student Housing Co-operative
IndustryStudent housing
FoundedSheffield, England (2012 (2012))
HeadquartersSheffield, England

The co-operative manages a property on Northfield Road in Crookes, Sheffield. The property is leased from The Phone Co-op who acquired the property on behalf of the Housing Co-operative[3] The co-operative is a member of Students for Cooperation, a federation of student co-operatives across the UK, alongside the UK's two other operating student housing co-operatives, Edinburgh Student Housing Co-operative and Birmingham Student Housing Co-operative.[3]


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