She Kicks

She Kicks is a women's football magazine published by Baltic Publications. Produced bi-monthly, costing £3.50, and at 64–72 pages long, it published a FIFA Women's World Cup in 2011 and 2015 and a 20th anniversary special edition in November 2016. Has also printed a women's football calendar annually, since 2010.

She Kicks
She Kicks.jpg
April, 2010 cover, featuring Fara Williams
EditorJennifer O'Neill
First issueOctober 1996
CompanyBaltic Publications
CountryUnited Kingdom

History and profileEdit

She Kicks began as On the Ball in 1996, the first dedicated women's football magazine in England.[1] Original editor, Joanne Smith, and founder, Andrew Mullen, had wanted to call the magazine ElleFC, but an objection from Emap—publishers of Elle in the UK—led to a change of plan.[2] The name was changed to She Kicks, then Fair Game' in 2003,[3] before reverting to She Kicks in December 2009.

As of 2011 the editor was Jennifer O'Neill, a former Times columnist[3] and Sunderland Women footballer,[4] who also works as a television pundit on Eurosport's women's football coverage.[5]


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