Old lady Shapoklyak (Russian: Шапокляк) is a villain from stories about Cheburashka written by Russian writer Eduard Uspensky. Her first visual appearance was in the animated film Gena the Crocodile (1969) by Roman Kachanov of Soyuzmultfilm studio.

Bookcover of Eduard Uspensky's book Crocodile Gena and his friends. Shapoklyak is the old lady with the telescope (bottom left).
Shapoklyak in Holon

She appears as an old woman, wearing an outdated hat and carrying a purse, in which she carries her pet rat Lariska. Her name is the word for the hat she wears, borrowed from the French chapeau claque, an obsolete spring-loaded top hat, which sounds funny to the Russian ear. In the film Cheburashka Goes to School (1983) she admits that she has not received secondary education and is sent to school together with Cheburashka.

She is notorious for her mischiefs and pranks on the city dwellers. The refrain of her theme song contains her motto, "One won't ever get famous for good deeds" Russian: Хорошими делами прославиться нельзя. However near the end of some stories she turns around and helps the protagonists, only to return to pranks with the next story.

She appeared in a number of tales by Uspensky and animated films by Uspensky's stories.

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