Shangqiu railway station

The Shangqiu railway station (Chinese: 商丘站) is a railway station on Longhai railway and Xuzhou–Lanzhou high-speed railway in Shangqiu, Henan, China.


China Railway
South station building
Location59 Zhanqian Road[1]
Liangyuan District, Shangqiu, Henan
Coordinates34°26′39.23″N 115°39′25.26″E / 34.4442306°N 115.6570167°E / 34.4442306; 115.6570167Coordinates: 34°26′39.23″N 115°39′25.26″E / 34.4442306°N 115.6570167°E / 34.4442306; 115.6570167
Operated byChina Railway CR Zhengzhou
  • Bus terminal
Other information
Station code
  • 38702 (TMIS code)
  • SQF (telegraph code)
  • SQI (Pinyin code)
ClassificationTop Class station (特等站)
Opened1915 (1915)
Previous namesZhuji (Chinese: 朱集)
Guide (Chinese: 归德)
Shangqiu County (Chinese: 商丘县)
Shangqiu is located in Henan
Location of the station
Shangqiu is located in China
Shangqiu (China)


The history of the station dates back to 1912, when the French engineers responsible for route selection of the Kaifeng–Xuzhou section of Longhai railway began site survey just outside the north city gate of Guide (now Shangqiu). Since local gentries strongly opposed to the station site for the reason of Feng shui, the site of the station was moved about 7.5 km north and was named as Zhuji railway station (Chinese: 朱集车站). Construction began in 1913, with a French-style station building covering an area of 283 square metres (3,050 sq ft) and a 400 metres (1,300 ft) long platform. The station became operational in 1915, with the completion of the Kaifeng–Xuzhou railway[2]

The name of the station was later changed to Guide railway station (Chinese: 归德车站), after the former name of Shangqiu, and Shangqiu County railway station (Chinese: 商丘县车站). It was changed to its current name in 1933.

The south station building, covering an area of 5,156 square metres (55,500 sq ft), was opened in 1984.

The station was expanded and renovated for the opening of Xuzhou–Lanzhou high-speed railway in 2016, with a new north station building. The north station building has an area of 15,995 square metres (172,170 sq ft).

Future developmentEdit

The station is planned to be connected with the Shangqiu–Hangzhou high-speed railway and Beijing–Kowloon high-speed railway in the future.

Preceding station   China Railway Following station
Yuchengxian Longhai railway Ninglingxian
towards Lanzhou
Preceding station China Railway High-speed Following station
Dangshan South
towards Lianyungang
Eurasia Continental Bridge corridor Minquan North
towards Ürümqi
Terminus Shangqiu–Hangzhou high-speed railway Shangqiu East


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