Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences

The Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences are a research institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in Shanghai, established on July 3, 1999. When it was created, it was one of four basic science research institutions of China.[a] The organization assimilated the Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry, Shanghai Institute of Cell Biology, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Shanghai Institute of Physiology, Shanghai Brain Research Institute, Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology, Shanghai Institute of Entomology, Shanghai Bioengineering Research Center, Shanghai Research Center of Life Science, and the State Research Center of Genes.[2] Its director is biochemist Li Lin, who has served since 2013.[3]


  1. ^ translated by Xinhua as Shanghai Life Science Research Center and Shanghai Academy of Life Sciences; the other institutes were Beijing Mathematics Research Center, Beijing Materials Science Research Center, and the State Astronomical Research Center[1][2]


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