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Shams ad-Din ibn Muhammad (Arabic: شمس اد الدين بن محمد‎) (reigned 1472–1487) was a Somali Sultan of the Sultanate of Adal and a son of Muhammad ibn Badlay.[1]

Shams ad-Din ibn Muhammad
شمس اد الدين بن محمد
Sultan of the Sultanate of Adal
DynastyWalashma dynasty


During Shams ad-Din's reign, an army of the Emperor of Ethiopia Eskender invaded Adal (around 1479-1480) and seized Dakkar, destroying houses and places of worship; however, on its return home the Adal forces ambushed the Ethiopian army and inflicted heavy casualties. As a result, no further expeditions were sent against Adal by the Ethiopians until the reign of Emperor Na'od.[2]

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  1. ^ In recounting the genealogy of the Walashma dynasty, Sihab ad-Din Ahmad states in his Futuh al-Habasa that Muhammad ibn Badley had two sons, one of whom might be the Habib he mentions soon after; the text is confusing here and the translation (Futuh al-Habasa: The conquest of Ethiopia, translated by Paul Lester Stenhouse with annotations by Richard Pankhurst [Hollywood: Tsehai, 2003], p. 7) does not offer any elucidation.
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Preceded by
Muhammad ibn Badlay
Walashma dynasty Succeeded by
Muhammad ibn Azhar ad-Din