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Shampa Sinha

Shampa Sinha is an Australian poet of Indian origin. She is famous for her poem Siesta, which won the First Prize in the Fifth National Poetry Competition in 1994 organized by The Poetry Society (India) in collaboration with British Council.[1]


Although Shampa Sinha was born in India, she has become an Australian national following her migration to the country. But she continues to write on Indian cultural themes. All her award winning poems have imagery from the Indian tradition. Hence she has been described as an Indian poet living in Australia, rather than an Australian poet as such.

Shampa was All India Poetry Champion in 1993 for her poem Siesta. Peter Forbes, Editor, ‘’Poetry Review’’, London, who was the Chairman of the awarding committee, described her as the best promising young poet in English from India. Shampa Sinha had also won the Special Prize for Young Poet in the Third National Poetry Competition 1991 for her poem "The Difference".

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