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Shah Abdul Hannan (Bengali: শাহ আবদুল হান্নান) is a Bangladeshi Islamic philosopher, writer, economist, educator and media personality. He served as the deputy governor of the Bangladesh Bank and chairman of the National Board of Revenue. He was the founder vice chancellor of Darul Ihsan University, North South University, chairman of Islamic Economics Research Bureau and the director of Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.[1][2]

Shah Abdul Hannan
শাহ আবদুল হান্নান
Born(1939-01-01)1 January 1939
Era21st century
Main interests
Islamic economy, Islamic culture, Islamic banking


Early life and educationEdit

Shah Abdul Hannan was born in 1939 Mymensingh, Bangladesh. He completed Bachelor of Economics and Political Science in 1959 and Master of Political Science in 1961 from University of Dhaka. After successfully completing studentship he joined the then Pakistan Civil Service.


Government serviceEdit

Shah Abdul Hannan started his professional life as a lecturer of political science in a college in Dhaka. He joined Pakistan Finance Service in 1963 and retired as the secretary of the Govt. of Bangladesh in 1998.[3] He served the Government of Bangladesh as:


Hannan is one of the founding members of the North South University,[5] Asian University of Bangladesh and Darul Ihsan University. He also served as the chairman of the Institute of Research and Development (IRD), International Islamic University, Chittagong and syndicate member of Manarat International University.[6]

He has lectured for YouTube videos' and indoor classes on a wide range of issues including women's rights, human rights, contemporary issues and Islamic solutions, Usul al fiqh and Islamic economics.[4]


As an economist Shah Abdul Hannan served as:

Social workEdit

Media personalityEdit

Shah Hannan regularly attends in media programs in channels NTV, ATN Bangla, RTV and Islamic TV.


Books written by Shah Abdul Hannan:

  • Islami Ortthonitite Shorker er Vumika (1985)
  • Islami Orthoniti: Dorshon O Kormokoushol (2002)
  • Nari Shomossa o Islam (1988)
  • Nari O Bastobota (2002)
  • Social Laws of Islam (1995)
  • Desh Shomaj O Rajniti (2003)
  • Bishoy Chinta
  • Soviet Union e Islam (1976)
  • Usul-al-Fiqh (2000)
  • Law Economics and history (2003)
  • Islam and Gender: The Bangladesh Perspective (2016)


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