Shō Kinpuku

Shō Kinpuku (尚 金福, 1398–May 26, 1453) was a king of the Ryukyu Kingdom of the First Shō dynasty.

Shō Kinpuku
King of Ryūkyū
PredecessorShō Shitatsu
SuccessorShō Taikyū
DiedMay 26, 1453 (aged 54–55)
IssueShō Shiro
Gusukuma aji
Shō Kinpuku (尚金福)
Divine nameKimishi (君志)[1]
HouseFirst Shō dynasty
FatherShō Hashi

Shō Kinpuku succeeded his nephew, Shō Shitatsu, in 1449. A one-kilometer-long dam, which known as Chōkō Dam (長虹堤, Chōkōtei), was built in 1451 by Kaiki, a somewhat mysterious figure from Ming China. The dam was built from Naha harbor to Tomari harbor, connecting many tiny isles.

King Shō Kinpuku died in 1453, a succession dispute erupted between the king's son Shiro (志魯) and his younger brother Furi (布里). Shuri Castle was burned down in the conflict, and both of them died in the incident. After the incident, the king's other younger brother, Shō Taikyū, came to the throne.


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Shō Shitatsu
King of Ryūkyū
Succeeded by
Shō Taikyū