Severn Tunnel rail accident

On 7 December 1991, two trains collided inside the Severn Tunnel, between England and Wales. There were no fatalities but 185 passengers were injured.[1]

Severn Tunnel rail crash
Date7 December 1991
LocationSevern Tunnel
Coordinates51°35′7″N 2°43′17″W / 51.58528°N 2.72139°W / 51.58528; -2.72139
CountryUnited Kingdom
LineSouth Wales Main Line
Regional Railways
OwnerBritish Rail
CauseAxle counter failure or driver error
VehiclesInterCity 125
Class 155
Injured185 (5 serious)
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Accident edit

The 08:30 London Paddington to Cardiff Central operated by an InterCity 125 was stopped at a signal guarding the entrance to the Severn Tunnel. On telephoning the signalman according to Rule 55, the driver was advised of a signal failure and given permission to proceed slowly at caution. Three miles into the tunnel, the train was struck from behind by a Class 155 Sprinter travelling from Portsmouth to Cardiff. 185 passengers were injured, including five seriously, but none fatally.[1]

Because track circuits were unreliable in the unusually wet tunnel environment (10 to 20 million gallons of water are pumped out per day),[2] axle counters were used instead. The official report into the accident[2] could not reach a firm conclusion, but speculated that the cause was either:

  • an unaccountable error on the part of the Sprinter driver, or:
  • technicians in the relay room at Severn Tunnel Junction had reset the axle counter while investigating the earlier signal failure fault, thus clearing the signal for the Sprinter.[1]

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