Seventh Van Cliburn International Piano Competition

The Seventh Van Cliburn International Piano Competition took place in Fort Worth, Texas from May 18 to June 2, 1985. Brazilian pianist José Feghali won the competition, while Philippe Bianconi and Barry Douglas were awarded the Silver and bronze medals.[1]

John Corigliano composed his Fantasia on an Ostinato for the competition.



Contestant R1 SF F
  Dickran Atamian  
  Dan Atanasiu  
  Christian Beldi  
  Philippe Bianconi      
  William Bloomquist  
  Kathryn Brown  
  David Buechner  
  Hung-Kuan Chen    
  Chia Chou    
  Sergio de los Cobos  
  Marie-Noëlle Damien  
  Lora Dimitrova  
  Barry Douglas      
  Thomas Duis  
  José Feghali      
  Eduardus Halim  
  Diane Hidy  
  Ingrid Jacoby  
  Young-ho Kim  
  Norman Krieger    
  Paul Maillet  
  Joel Martin  
  Yuki Matsuzawa  
  Károly Mocsári     5th
  Thomas Otten  
  Susan Savage  
  Kathryn Selby    
  Eun-soo Son  
  Emma Tahmizian     4th
  Sharon Joy Vogan  
  Rian de Waal    
  David Wehr  
  Andrew Wilde    
  Hans-Christian Wille     6th
  Patti Wolf  
  William Wolfram  


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