Serra dels Pesells

Serra dels Pesells is a mountain chain located near the southern end of the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range between Bot and Arenys de Lledó.[1] The ridge's highest point is 541,3 m. This smooth range runs in a NNE - SSW direction and divides the basins of the Canaletes and Algars rivers. It is one of the isolated hills of the Catalan Central Depression and it is located at its southwestern end.

Serra dels Pesells
Caseres, Terra Alta, Catalunya.jpg
The Pesells hills rising in the background behind Caseres
Highest point
Elevation541 m (1,775 ft)
Coordinates41°01′3.904″N 0°20′12.10″E / 41.01775111°N 0.3366944°E / 41.01775111; 0.3366944Coordinates: 41°01′3.904″N 0°20′12.10″E / 41.01775111°N 0.3366944°E / 41.01775111; 0.3366944
LocationTerra Alta (Catalonia)
Mountain typeLimestone
Easiest routeDrive from Bot

Currently wind turbines are being built on top of the Serra dels Pesells ridge. People in nearby Caseres town, who derive some income from rural tourism, are worried that the turbines will mar their picturesque surroundings.[2]

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