Serra de l'Espina

Serra de l'Espina is a limestone mountain chain located at the north-eastern end of the Iberian System. It connects the Ports de Tortosa-Beseit mountain massif with the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range.[1]

Serra de l'Espina
Alfara de Carles1.jpg
Serra de l'Espina rising above Alfara de Carles
Highest point
Elevation1,181.6 m (3,877 ft)
Coordinates40°52′46.73″N 0°21′43.93″E / 40.8796472°N 0.3622028°E / 40.8796472; 0.3622028Coordinates: 40°52′46.73″N 0°21′43.93″E / 40.8796472°N 0.3622028°E / 40.8796472; 0.3622028
Serra de l'Espina is located in Catalonia
Serra de l'Espina
Serra de l'Espina
Location in Catalonia
LocationBaix Ebre
Parent rangePorts de Tortosa-Beseit
OrogenyAlpine orogeny
Type of rockKarstic
Easiest routeWalk from Alfara de Carles
Belemnites fossils from l'Alfara de Carles mountain area.


The Serra de l'Espina ridge's highest point is L'Espina (1,181.6 m).[2] Other high peaks are Mola Carrascosa (1.025 m), Cap de la Faixa Blanca (1.023 m), Tossal de Montclí (960 m) and La Moleta d'Alfara (812 m).

On the eastern side of the range are some visible barren patches, devoid of vegetation owing to high winds, the very large Rases del Maraco, or Les Rases, at the southern end and Erms de Canduca further north. Other noteworthy places are Solana de les Feixes, the Cova dels Adells karstic cave and the ruins of Mas del Roig, an ancient farmhouse.

The Serra de Paüls mountain range is located to the north of this range.


Serra de l'Espina viewed from Alfara de Carles

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