Serra Calderona (Valencian pronunciation: [ˈsɛra kaldeˈɾona]; Spanish: Sierra Calderona), often referred to as La Calderona[1] is a 49 km (30 mi) long mountain range in the Camp de Túria, Horta Nord and Alt Palància comarcas of the Valencian Community, between the provinces of Castelló and Valencia Spain.

Serra Calderona
Landscape in the heart of the Calderona Range
Highest point
Elevation907 m (2,976 ft)
ListingList of mountains in the Valencian Community
Coordinates39°43′45″N 0°29′34″W / 39.72917°N 0.49278°W / 39.72917; -0.49278
Serra Calderona is located in Spain
Serra Calderona
Serra Calderona
LocationAlt Palància, Camp de Túria, Horta Nord, Valencian Community
Parent rangeIberian System, Eastern end
Mountain typeKarstic
Easiest routeDrive from Puçol to Nàquera, then hike

This moderately high range is an eastern prolongation of the Sierra de Javalambre. Its highest point is El Gorgo (907 m). Other important summits are Muntanya del Garbí (600 m) and El Puntal de l' Abella (635 m).

The range was formerly known as Monts de Porta Coeli, after the Carthusian Monastery of Porta Coeli located in the mountains. The name Calderona originated in the seventeenth century when a woman known as María Calderón "La Calderona", one of the favourite mistresses of King Philip IV of Spain, hid in these mountains among the highwaymen.[2]

Olive oil Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Edit

Together with Serra d'Espadà, a parallel range only 25 km to the north, the Serra Calderona constitutes a defined ecoregion in the foothills of the Iberian System that are closest to the Mediterranean Sea coast. In many areas of the mountainsides olive trees are grown. Their olives produce excellent oil that has been awarded Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and has been included by the global slow food movement in the Ark of Taste international catalogue of heritage foods in danger of extinction. This oil is marketed as Aceite de las Sierras Espadán y Calderona (Valencian: Oli de les Serres d'Espadà i la Calderona).[3]

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There are numerous caves in these mountains, as well as deep river gorges. Formerly these mountains were a fearful place for travellers, for they were haunted by bandits or highwaymen,[4] known locally as roders. The Natural Park of the Calderona Range is located in the Serra Calderona. Within this well-kept park there are numerous marked paths for hikers.[5]

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The rocky 600 m high Muntanya del Garbí
The Porta Coeli Carthusian monastery
Serra Calderona (Sagunto)
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