Seo Soon-seok

Seo Soon-seok[1](Korean:서순석[2]) (born (1971-05-12)May 12, 1971 in Osan) is a South Korean wheelchair curler.[3]

Seo Soon-seok
Born (1971-05-12) May 12, 1971 (age 50)
Curling clubUijeongbu Rolling Stone
Member Association South Korea
World Wheelchair Championship
3 (2016, 2017, 2019)
2 (2014, 2018)

He participated at the 2014 and 2018 Winter Paralympics where South Korean team finished on ninth and fourth places respectively.

Wheelchair curling teams and eventsEdit

Season Skip Third Second Lead Alternate Coach Events
2013–14 Kim Myung-jin Kim Jong-pan Seo Soon-seok Kang Mi-suk Yun Hee-keong Ahn Jae-sung WPG 2014 (9th)
2014–15 Kim Jong-pan Seo Soon-seok Jung Seung-won Yun Hee-kyeong Yang Hui-tae Shin Kyung-yong WWhCQ 2014 (4th)
2015–16 Yang Hui-tae Cha Jae-goan Seo Soon-seok Bang Min-ja Jung Seung-won Beak Jong-chul WWhBCC 2015  
Yang Hui-tae Jung Seung-won Seo Soon-seok Bang Min-ja Cha Jae-goan Beak Jong-chul WWhCC 2016  
2016–17 Kim Jong-pan Seo Soon-seok Cha Jae-goan Cho Min-kyong Lee Dong-ha Beak Jong-chul WWhCC 2017 (6th)
2017–18 Cha Jae-goan (fourth) Jung Seung-won Seo Soon-seok (skip) Bang Min-ja Lee Dong-ha Beak Jong-chul,
Hwang Hyeon-jun
WPG 2018 (4th)
2018–19 Yang Hui-tae (fourth) Seo Soon-seok Cha Jin-ho (skip) Bang Min-ja Min Byeong-seok Beak Jong-chul,
Kim Seok-hyun
WWhCC 2019  


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