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Securax (1998–2002) was considered as one of Belgium's strongest hacking movements in the past twenty years and was founded by Filip Maertens and co-founded by Davy Van De Moere as an online community in order to combine skills and experiences in the domain of vulnerability identification, zero-day exploit creation and penetration testing methods. The movement was known for its critical insights into the information security industry, bold press interviews and its near-daily newsletter (in Dutch).[1]

At its peak, the newsletter was read by over 90,000 Dutch-speaking readers, both professionals and non-professionals. As of September 1999, companies could make use of the knowledge by way of "legal intrusion tests", where Securax assembled high quality and very skilled Tiger Teams to perform the projects.[2] It was as of May 2000 that Securax made the choice to walk the thin line between attaining a community of security experts and hackers, while offering commercial services at enterprise level.[3] In 2002 the community was disbanded.


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