The Bed (film)

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Secrets d’alcôve is a 1954 French film made up of four sketches by Henri Decoin (segment "Le billet de logement"), Jean Delannoy ("Le lit de la Pompadour"), Gianni Franciolini ("Le divorce") and Ralph Habib ("Riviera-Express").[1] Kingsley International released the film in the UK.

The film was shown as "The Bed" in English-speaking countries

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The story brings with four travellers forced by weather to find temporary shelter who tell four stories, whose common point is a bed.

  • "The lodging slip" - During the war, an English officer captain Davidson comes to the house of Jeanne Plisson with a requisition slip for accommodation. Her husband is absent at the front while she is pregnant. During the night, she gives birth and Davidson must act as midwife.
  • "The Divorce" - Roberto, an American living in New York wants to divorce. He shares the night at a hotel with Janet.
  • "Riviera Express" - truck driver Riquet meets Martine whose car has broken down.
  • "The bed of Pompadour" - a bed is mis-delivered to Agnes


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