Secretary-General of the Nordic Council

The Secretary-General of the Nordic Council is the head of the Nordic Council Secretariat, one of the principal organs of the Nordic Council. The Nordic parliamentary co-operation, the Nordic Council, is led by the Secretary General in Copenhagen.

Secretary-General of the
Nordic Council
Flag of the Nordic Council 2016.svg
Kristina Háfoss 2012.jpg
Kristina Háfoss
since 1 February 2021
Nordic Council Secretariat
SeatNordic Council Headquarters
Copenhagen, Denmark
NominatorNordic Council
FormationJuly 1971
First holderEmil Vindsetmoe
WebsiteOfficial website

The Secretary General together with the Council Secretariat prepares the business procedures which are then processed by the Nordic Council. Preparations are made in consultation and collaboration with the Secretariat for the Nordic Council's national delegations and the party groups. The Secretary General submits reports to the Nordic Council's executive body, the Presidium, which is led by the President of the Nordic Council. The agenda for the Presidium's meetings is drawn up together with the Nordic Council's president.

On 1 February 2021 Kristina Háfoss of the Faroe Islands became the new Secretary-General.[1]

List of Secretaries-GeneralEdit

Portrait Name
Term of office Country Ref.
Took office Left office Time in office
Emil Vindsetmoe 1971 1973 1–2 years   Norway
  Helge Seip 1973 1977 3–4 years   Norway
Gudmund Saxrud 1977 1982 4–5 years   Norway
Ilkka-Christian Björklund 1982 1987 4–5 years   Finland
Gehard af Schultén 1987 1989 1–2 years   Finland
Jostein Osnes 1990 1994 3–4 years   Norway
Anders Wenström 1994 1996 1–2 years   Sweden
  Berglind Ásgeirsdóttir 1996 1999 2–3 years   Iceland
  Frida Nokken 1999 2007 7–8 years   Norway
  Jan-Erik Enestam 2007 2013 5–6 years   Finland
  Britt Bohlin Olsson 2014 2021 6–7 years   Sweden
  Kristina Háfoss 1 February 2021 Incumbent 2 years, 46 days   Faroe Islands

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