Second League of the Republika Srpska

The Second League of the Republika Srpska (Serbian: Друга лига Републике Српске / Druga liga Republike Srpske) is a third level football league competition in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is divided into two leagues, based on geographical areas. The winner of each league is promoted to the First League of the Republika Srpska. Clubs at the bottom of the table are relegated to the respective regional leagues.

Second League of the Republika Srpska
CountryBosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
Number of teamsEast – 16
West – 15
Level on pyramid3
Promotion toFirst League of the Republika Srpska
Relegation toRegional League RS - West
Regional League RS - Center
Regional League RS - East
Regional League RS - South
Domestic cup(s)Bosnian Cup, Republika Srpska Cup
International cup(s)UEFA Europa Conference League
(The winner of the Bosnian Cup earns
an automatic spot in the UEFA Europa Conference League)
Current championsEast – Romanija Pale
West – Borac Kozarska Dubica
TV partnersRTRS
WebsiteSecond League East & West (in Serbian)
Current: 2023–24 Second League

Member clubs for 2023–24


East (Istok)


West (Zapad)