Scipione affricano

Scipione affricano (Scipio Africanus) is an opera in a prologue and three acts by Francesco Cavalli. It was designated as a dramma per musica. The Italian libretto was by Nicolò Minato, based on Livy's "The Continence of Scipio".

Performance historyEdit

It was first performed in Venice at the Teatro SS. Giovanni e Paolo on 9 February 1664. It was also given in Rome in 1671 with the castrato Giovanni Francesco Grossi as a celebrated Siface. Giovanni Buonaventura Viviani produced a greatly revised version of the opera for the Carnival of Venice in 1678.


Roles, voice types, premiere cast
Role Voice type Premiere cast, 9 February 1664[1]
Asdrubale tenor
Ericlea soprano
Luceio soprano
Polinio soprano
Siface alto castrato Giovanni Francesco Grossi
Massanissa bass
Sofonisba soprano


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Further readingEdit

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